Crowned Gear Presents the Biggest Offer on Luxury Sales With 70% Discount

Crowned Gear came into the fashion luxury scene as a game changer motivated by a vision to take streetwear global. Ever since its emergence, it has constantly lived up to this mission.

As a fashion brand keen on aligning luxury with streetwear for fashion icons and enthusiasts around the world, as well as bearing in mind that the greatest luxury is being free, Crowned Gear is giving out its most valuable items in what has been described as the biggest offer on luxury sales with 70% discount on every sale.

This forms part of the prestigious fashion brand’s vision and commitment acknowledging that everybody deserves a feel of luxury irrespective of where they belong.

Our Spring Clearance Sales , this massive giveaway is open to new and existing customers.

The spring clearance sale window is open from 24th to 31st of May.

Experience sophistication & design aesthetic, craftsmanship, exclusivity, innovation, creative expression, relevance, heritage, and freedom.

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