CROWNED GEAR: Quick Tips to Make a Strong Fashion Statement

How to make a bold fashion statement always

The ideas and lives of people are altering in the twenty-first century where almost everything is changing and evolving. People nowadays continuously try unique things. People want to dress up and create unique looks that make them stand out in a crowd. Here is a quick rundown on how to make a bold fashion statement anytime you step out.

1. Wear clothes that fit your body shape and size. Fitted clothes are your best bet to bring glamour and chic to your overall look. In the case of oversized tees or baggy trousers, you make a bold fashion statement when you keep the rest of the look fitted. 
2. Knowing how to balance the right colors and proportions when it comes to what you wear helps you create an overall aesthetic harmony but it can be quite a chore. Outfits by some renowned designer brands have been tailored to take the burden of balancing off the wearer just like Crowned Heritage Mixed Color Tracksuit.
3. Cap your look with the right accessories: a good designer bag, cap or belt can make all the difference in one piece. Getting the right accessory can sometimes be a difficult decision to make but start with ones that match the color of your outfits. For not so bright colors, a sun tanned accessory like this Crowned Exclusive Brown Trucker Hat is always an ideal choice.
4. Go for quality designer brands: The difference between fashion and style is exclusivity. Where fashion says me too, style says, “me only”. Go for designer brands that prioritize style over fashion giving the wearer a superior sense of elitist distinctiveness like Crowned Gear.  
5. Think Belts Always: Most people do not know this but belts are a great way for bringing balance to a look that otherwise might not work. It is as a matter of fact, one of the easiest ways to make any outfit look more put-together.
6. Don’t Try to Do Too Much: When it comes to dressing, people tend to do too much. But like the old saying, less is more. You make an even bolder fashion statement with less apparel. Keep it simple at best.
7. Mixing patterns and textures: Matching your handbag to your shoe is fast becoming old-fashioned. It would interest you to know that clashing textures and prints make a bolder fashion statement. Start mixing patterns and textures. You can take off with neutral patterns.
8. Have luxury fashion staples: Stepping out in luxury fashion staples will let you feel more comfy and relaxed at any event.

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