Rethinking Fashion Choices With Crownedgear

Who Are You Wearing Today?

Fashion is more than just putting on clothes or combining styles.

Fashion tells people who and what you are. It says a lot about the kind of standard you have and want people to see.

It tells people about your social status, your worth, your value, your level of exposure, and your network.

That is why it is often said that what you wear is important but who you wear is more important. (Who you wear is the designer or fashion brand.)

Who you wear announces you when you step in. It emboldens you, your value, your class, your personality, and the kind of standard you want people to see.

A fashion model once said I would rather let the outfit I wear do the talking for me.

It is the same when you wear a luxury fit or accessory from Crowned Gear that immediately makes that bold fashion statement letting people know you’re classy. You are chic. You are luxurious. You have a high taste. You’re elegant. You belong to a formidable class. You’re vibrant. You are influential.

We recall the review of a Crowned Gear member who said she attended this summer party and she felt so good because virtually everyone was complimenting her outfit. That was the Crowned Heritage Cream Track Suit. (Check it out here)

Another member said people are always intimidated when he steps out in this look. (Check it out here).

That is the huge difference between what you wear and who you wear.

When it comes down to anything you wear, be very choosy because in it lies the perception and impression you want people to see.

Rethink your fashion choices today.

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  1. Excellent write. I prefer Crownedgear to any other fashion brand. Their collections are always fiiirrreeeee

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