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The Mystery Behind Crowned Gear Trunk Leather Bags

For a receptacle that has been seen with superstars such as Zlatan, L.A.X, Psycho YP, and a host of other industry icons, CROWNED HERITAGE TRUNK LEATHER BAGS are one of Crowned Gear‘s most-prized bag collections. But why are they so?

When it comes to the craftsmanship and skillful techniques employed in its making, no bag comes close to Crowned Gear Trunk Leather Bag staples. They are a work of art and more than just a bag.

The leather of these exquisite, ultra-modern bags is located on the outskirts of Europe’s biggest metropolises and it is at this facility they are brought to life. A leather craftsman must undergo rigorous training with many experienced and adept maestros with ten to fifteen years of experience before they are allowed to process these outstanding works of art.

After passing through these intentional and stringent tests which verify them as Crowned Gear artisans, they are then allowed to produce CROWNED Trunk Leather Bags inside out deploying industry best practices and instruments.

That is why they come in limited editions ensuring that the quality of Crowned Trunk Leather Bags is never compromised while guaranteeing exclusivity to the wearer at the same time.

Available in three colors of black, burgundy, and green, all CROWNED Trunk Leather bags are stitched using stitches that hark back to the heritage of the renaissance period — an epoch that saw the production of incredible works of art from legendary figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo. It is on this note they form part of our urban-fashion luxury brand’s Heritage collection.

With an incessant waiting list, and that is only if you are well off, the possibility of getting a Crowned Trunk Leather bag is on par with being seen as a prominent and high-profile person. You can blame it on the diligent and scrupulous processes and methods involved in engendering this much-desired commodity with a mouth-watering appeal that is further amplified by being seen strapped by the arms of celebrity icons such as Zlatan and L.A.X.

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